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The Problems We Share

The worst thing about reading a non-fiction book is realising that although it was interesting - you've forgotten all the practical ideas. If someone was to ask you: How are you applying the ideas in the book - you might blanky stare at them and say 'no clue'. Growth Notes is about changing that, helping you focus on applying what's important in a range of impactful books.

Compared to other book summary services, the approach on Growth Notes is a little different. You'll uncover how one person applies the actionable suggestions from a book as they narrate their journey autobiographically. By being personal, learning on the platform is joyful, relatable, and delicate.

How Does it All Work Together?

Our focus and efforts are best spent on less. With that, all the books added to the library are selected only if they can lead to meaningful life changes. To keep things simple, each book on the platform is reviewed in a visually engaging 8-10 page PDF, alongside an insightful 10 mins audio commentary. 

"The true way lies not in a process of accumulation…but rather in elimination" - John Little, The Warrior Within.

Inspired by nature, each Growth Note begins with a section, titled 'Trim Weeds' - where the most crucial habits to avoid, based on a book's wisdom, are unearthed. Instead of focusing on adding, the primary focus is on finding and removing what's unhelpful via negativa1. The second section named 'Plant Seeds' takes you to an exploration of just a few, key positive habits worth adding for daily fulfillment. 

Growth Cycle - Learning Technique

We forget more than 60% of what we study in just a week². You'll be reminded to review a Growth Note and your relevant written insights (if any) a month from your original date of reading, and two months after, so that what you learn stays with you³.

“Knowledge without reflection is a waste of time" - Confucius.

Last Words

I'm Samy Felice, the founder of Growth Notes - a little place on the internet informed by the idea that: knowledge is only potential power; knowledge acted on is power. 

For a healthier planet, 5% of all profits are donated to the WorldLandTrust - who help plant trees to restore forests to their full potential for a better tomorrow. Join and experience what awaits on the other side. If the service doesn't live up to your standards, cancel anytime.  


Subtractive Knowledge: https://fs.blog/2014/01/a-wonderfully-simple-heuristic-to-recgonize-charlatans/ 1 The Curve of Forgetting: https://uwaterloo.ca/campus-wellness/curve-forgetting² How much do people forget: http://willthalheimer.typepad.com/files/how-much-do-people-forget-v12-14-2010-2.pdf³ The Earth Day Network: https://www.earthday.org4